Our Services

We are an engineering, sales, and service-focused company, dedicated to the successful operation of our customer's facilities. Representing the best manufacturers in the industry, Beaver Equipment works hard to help municipalities and consultants identify the strongest treatment solutions for their projects. 
Since 1972, Beaver Equipment has been a Northwest-based manufacturer’s representative of high quality water and wastewater equipment. We view ourselves as a resource to consultants, municipalities, and districts in every stage of project delivery: planning and pre-design through startup and operation. We will work with you to determine the best and most appropriate equipment for your facility. Our goals are long term, to help you comply with water quality and environmental requirements in a cost effective manner, for years to come.
Beaver Equipment Site Service
Startup, Commissioning, Training, & Replacement Parts
•Rotork Actuators
•Rodney Hunt Water Control Gates
•Sanitaire Aeration

Flow Control
Actuators – Rotork Controls
Belt/Screw Conveyors – Custom Conveyor
Segmented Belt Conveyor – Serpentix
Seismic Controller Systems - FLO-LOC
Water Control Gates – Rodney Hunt

Drinking Water
Advanced Oxidation Systems – Wedeco
Clarification & Filtration – Ovivo
Dry & Wet Chemical Feeders – Acrison
Filtration / Underdrains – Leopold
Lamella Clarifiers – Leopold
Pressure Vessel Filtration – Tonka Water
PD Blower Packages – Excelsior
Reactor Clarifiers – Ovivo
Silo Systems – Acrison
UV Disinfection – Wedeco

Odor & Corrosion Control
Aeration – Mazzei
Biofiltration Media – BIOREM
Collection Systems – ECO2
Odor Control Systems – BIOREM
Headworks & Primary Clarifier – ECO2
H2S Removal – ECO2

Packaged Water Treatment
Modular Water & Wastewater Plants – AWC
Packaged Water Treatment – Tonka Water

Biogas Cleaning & Drying Equipment – Varec Biogas
Biogas Conditioning Skids – Unison Solutions
BioCNG for Pipeline Injection – Unison Solutions
BioCNG for Vehicle Fuel – Unison Solutions                                                          
H2S, Siloxane & VOC Removal – Unison Solutions
Pressure Vessels  – Unison Solutions
Waste Gas Burners  & Flares  – Varec Biogas

Aerobic & Anerobic Digestion – Ovivo
Anerobic Digestion Covers & Mixers – Ovivo
Belt Filter Presses – Charter Machine Company
Biosolids Thickening – Ovivo
Class A Biosolids – Schwing Bioset
Digester Cover Gas Safety Equipment – Varec Biogas
GBT’s RBT’s – Charter Machine Company
PD Blower Packages – Excelsior
Phosphate Removal / Recovery – Schwing Bioset
Screw Presses & Piston Pumps – Schwing Bioset
Segmented Belt Conveyor – Serpentix
Side Stream Nutrient Removal – Ovivo
Struvite Mitigation – Ovivo
Struvite Recovery – Schwing Bioset

Primary Treatment
Clarifiers – Ovivo
Packaged Water Treatment – Tonka Water
Secondary Treatment
Aeration Systems – Ovivo
Biological Treatment – Ovivo
Biological Aeration (Algaewheel) – OneWater
Clarifiers – Ovivo
Diffused & Coarse Air Systems – Sanitaire
Floating Surface Aerators – EPIC International
Floating Mixers – EPIC International
Granular Activated Sludge – Nuvoda
High Efficiency Blowers – Atlas Copco
ICEAS SBR - Sanitaire
Nutrient Removal – Nuvoda / Ovivo
PD Blower Packages – Excelsior
Polymer & Chemical Feeders – Acrison

Tertiary Treatment
Advanced Oxidation Systems – Wedeco
Disk Filtration – Nuove Energie
Filtration / Underdrains – Leopold
Lamella Clarifiers - Leopold
Ozone and Chemical Injection – Mazzei
Ultrafiltration – Nuove Energie
UV Disinfection – Wedeco