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Parts List

Headworks Equipment

Rodney Hunt
Fine & Course Screens
Schwing Bioset
Screw conveyors

Secondary Treatment

Atlas Copco
High Speed Turbo, Screw, & Multi-stage Centrifugal Blowers
Excelsior Blower Inc. 
Packaged Positive Displacement Blower Systems
Leopold - a Xylem brand
Tertiary Filtration, DAF Clarification Sludge Collection, Denitrification
Sanitaire - a Xylem brand
Ultra-Fine, Fine & Coarse Bubble Aeration ABJ – ICEAS Sequencing Batch Reactors, Disc & Strip Membrane Diffusers


Ovivo USA
Clarifiers and Clarifier Drives, including OVIVO, Eimco & Dorr-Oliver.

Solids Handling & Energy Recovery

Charter Machine Company 
Gravity Belt & Belt Filter Presses, formerly Roediger Pittsburgh
Schwing Bioset
Screw Press, Class A Biosolids Process, Piston Pumps, Dryers
Serpentix Conveyor
Creative Belt Conveyor Solutions
Unison Solutions 
Digester & Landfill Biogas Conditioning and BioCNG Systems
Varec Biogas 
Digester Safety Equipment, Waste Gas Burners, Flares

Chemical Feed & Disinfection

Packaged Dry & Liquid Chemical Feeders
Wedeco - a Xylem brand
Closed Vessel & Open Channel UV and Ozone Systems

Flow Control

Seismic Sensors, Control and Monitoring Systems
Rotork Controls 
Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Motorized Valve and Gate Actuators

Water Treatment

AWC Solutions
Packaged Water Treatment Systems
Leopold - a Xylem brand
Media Filtration, DAF Clarification, Sludge Collection, Backwash Water Recovery, Desalination Pretreatment
Tonka Water
Complete Water Treatment Systems
Wedeco - a Xylem brand
Closed Vessel & Open Channel UV and Ozone Systems

Odor Control

Biological and Chemical Odor Control, Fume Scrubbers, Emergency Gas Scrubbers, Carbon Adsorbers, Mist Eliminators, Air Strippers, and Degasifiers.


Airvac - a brand of Aqseptence Group
Vacuum Sewer Collection Technology
H2S Control - Corrosion Prevention
EPIC International
Floating Aerators and Mixers, Archimedean Screw Pumps & Covers